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Oct. 10th - 30th, 2023
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Eclipse Software Professionals Network

Eclipse Event in Session
ESP Network is the official Eclipse users’ group, established in 1992, as a liaison between Eclipse users and Advantage Software, the developers of Eclipse CAT software. Our mission is to provide the best Eclipse training possible at our once-per-year conference/training seminar event. Members also enjoy loads of valuable discounts that more than pay for our small, annual membership fee.
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Users Helping Users...

Eclipse Software Professionals Network is made up of people who purchased software sold by Advantage Software, Inc. The users’ network was formed to facilitate learning of the software and as a "bridge" between the company, on the one hand, and the users of the software on the other. We are Eclipse users, just like you. Premium membership is only $35 per year. Premium membership entitles you to a discount at the yearly ESP Network training seminar/conference, as well as Pengad discounts, SearchMaster specials, Realtime Coach discounts, webinar discounts, laptop discounts, computer repair discounts, and other periodic discounts offered to our members by various vendors - just to name a few! We also offer members a place in our online directory to list the services you provide and contact information. It’s great way to advertise, and many rely on it when they are looking for a court reporter or scopist in a particular area that offers services they need.