Tracks & Topics Preview
(More to come)

Friday, April 28th, will be devoted to experience-level seminars. Choose among Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Tracks, and enjoy expanded content for all members of the Eclipse family: officials and freelancers (steno and voice), scopists, broadcast and CART captioners.

Saturday and Sunday are filled with seminars covering specific topics ranging across the entire Eclipse software spectrum presented by eight different and renowned speakers. There will be seminars for every type of Eclipse user—reporters, scopists, and captioners, steno or voice.

  • Eclipse Track Training
          Basic - Steve Kosmata
          Intermediate - Michael Starkman & Tori Pittman
          Advanced - Keith Vincent
  • Leveraging V8
    Jeremy's latest version is powerful and feature-laden, but most don't know how to take advantage of all the Eclipse Goodness within. Join Jeremy & Keith and they'll show you how V8 can accomplish things in new ways you couldn't with previous versions. Team Editing has been revolutionized by Eclipse, and now new features like paragraph status, editor colors, and other V8 improvements make it even better and easier. New proofreading features and enhancements to the multipage output extend the power of the PDF feature set.
          Jeremy Thorne &
          Keith Vincent
  • Dictionary or Vocabulary, That Is The Question
    Nothing is more vital to success with Eclipse Vox than knowing how to use Eclipse dictionaries and how to correctly manage your Dragon vocabulary. Your recognition accuracy and your transcript production rates directly hinge on your efficiency with these two foundational elements. Join Tori as she provides guidelines and examples to assist your understanding and mastery of these critical features.
          Tori Pittman
  • Terminate Transcript Turmoil 2
    What if a small change in HOW you edit could result in better translation accuracy or realtime in only two weeks! This means much shorter editing time to crank out a transcript! Anissa will review the SADA (Search, Ask, Define, Add) concept, talk about families of prefixes and suffixes and the importance of consistency! She will talk about valuable word pieces, how to make stacking work FOR you, and how FPP55 earns you better translation accuracy in only one week!
          Anissa Nierenberger
  • How to Become an A+ Captioner
    Anissa is a well-known and highly-esteemed captioner and instructor. She's going to sharre her recipe for success in the rarified realms of broadcast and CART captioning. If you have ever considered captioning, or if you are already working on the skill set needed for this kind of work, then this is a seminar you should sign up for!
          Anissa Nierenberger
  • Get a Life! Eclipse Document Management.
    Once you have submittted your work, another chore begins: storing your files in logical, easy-to-search locations. The Eclipse File Manager is an invaluable tool for this task with all of its built-in powers and functionaliy. Easily access multiple locations. Select certain file types for archiving. Easily move, copy, delete or compress any files. And much more. Learn how to easily organize and manage your Eclipse documents.
          Michael Starkman & Tori Pittman

...and that's just for starters!

We're just getting started with our agenda, so these topics and presenters are just what we have so far! Over the next coming weeks we will be adding more seminars, more presenters and expanded descriptions, along with some special prizes and promotions along the way. So stay tuned to this site, or our FaceBook page, for the latest conference information.

25 Years and Counting!

2015 Conference ReceptionFounded in 1992, the ESP Users' Group has been putting on conferences to help Eclipse users learn about their software for a quarter of a century (and have fun while they're at it), providing instruction by the most interesting and experienced trainers in the industry. This will is our 25th annual conference, and our lineup is better than ever with concurrent steno and voice tracks, all dedicated to Eclipse training. Steno reporters who attend for all three days can earn 2.05 CEUs! Voice reporters can earn 2.05 CEs.
We're back in Vegas for 2017, and we couldn't be more excited to see all our Eclipse friends and family, and hopefully meet some new folks out there too! We've had great experiences at the SkyView Meeting Space on the top floor of the Bally's hotel the past few years, so we're headed straight back with some fresh ideas to make this year as amazing as possible!

Eclipse Track Training
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, & Beyond

with Steve Kosmata, Michael Starkman & Tori Pittman, and Keith Vincent
Friday, April 28th, 8am – 5pm, .7 CEUs

Experience-Level Track Training is one of the hallmarks of the Eclipse Users’ Group. Starting back in 1992 we have offered Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training classes in order to give users a foundational knowledge at every level. This year these classes are taught by four of the most renowned speakers and instructors in the Eclipse universe, Steve Kosmata, Michael Starkman (with Tori Pittman), and Keith Vincent.

We've had such an outpouring of positive comments and requests that we have expanded our topics and content year to include dedicated seminars with Anissa Nierenberger for Broadcast & CART Captioning training, and with Tori Pittman for Voice Reporting training. This means that some classes, as indicated, will have a special focus on one of these expanded training selections that you can choose from for no additional cost!

Our Core Trainers

Steve Kosmata
Steve Kosmata
Basic Training

Steve Kosmata is also a long-time Eclipse user and trainer and has attended our conferences MANY times as an attendee as well as one of our amazing instructors. Steve has the patience and deep keel it takes to work with reporters who are new to Eclipse. It’s not hard. It’s just new and different and Steve is the perfect guide to help you learn how to use it.

Michael Starkman
Michael Starkman
Intermediate Training

Michael Starkman is a former freelance reporter from Pennsylvania and joined Eclipse in 1997. He is a certified advanced Eclipse software trainer with over fifteen years of experience presenting and teaching. Michael has a presentation style that is captivating and easy to follow. He has the ability to present complicated material in a clear, concise and entertaining.

Tori Pittman
Tori Pittman
Intermediate Training and Voice Reporter Training

An Eclipse user since 2000, Tori's impressive reporting career spans the realms of both steno and voice, and includes freelance and official reporting, CART captioning, training and mentoring, agency ownership, and volunteer work for both state and national reporting organizations. She has a BA in history from UNC-Chapel Hill, an AA in court reporting and captioning from Lenoir Community College, is certified by both NCRA and NVRA at the highest level, and is currently two-time world champion of Intersteno’s speed competition using voice writing technology.

Keith Vincent
Keith Vincent
Advanced Eclipse Training

Keith Vincent, author of the Visualizer training videos found everywhere in Eclipse, is a long-time Eclipse user, trainer, and tester. He has worked closely with Jeremy for over 20 years to help test and shape new features in Eclipse. He’s also the author of the Visualizer Help Movies and an accomplished speaker who has given dozens of webinars and seminars around the world. Keith knows his subject and how to teach it.

Anissa Nierenberger
Anissa Nierenberger
Broadcast & CART Captioning Training

Anissa has pursued her passion for captioning since 1992 as a realtime broadcast and CART captioner, author, and educator. Over the course of her distinguished career she developed Dictionary Jumpstart, realtime dictionary-building software that has helped hundreds of reporters improve their dictionaries and expand their careers, published several articles and books, served as President of the Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters, and has presented numerous seminars on realtime, captioning, dictionary building, to state and national associations, workshops, and schools across the country.

Jeremy Thorne
Jeremy Thorne
Director of Research and Development for Advantage Software

Jeremy is the man who created Eclipse and you’d think a guy who writes code all day might be a little dull behind a podium. Not Jeremy. He’s interesting, witty and, as you’d expect, extremely knowledgeable. He’s also known for plowing through a lot of material in short order, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Marybeth Everhart
Marybeth Everhart
National Marketing Manager for Realtime Coach

Marybeth Everhart is the kind of speaker everyone enjoys: lively and interesting, thought-provoking and humorous, and always comfortable working with an audience. Part of that is a gift, but the rest comes because she is so well-founded in our profession, having worked in it since 1980 as a reporter, captioner, CART provider, instructor, trainer, and now as National Marketing Manager for Realtime Coach.

Margie Wakeman Wells
Margie Wakeman Wells
Court Reporting Instructor & Master of Punctuation

Margie Wakeman Wells has a bachelor of arts degree from the University of California Santa Barbara; did graduate work in education and linguistics at UCLA; and is certified as a CRI, Court Reporting Instructor. She has taught speedbuilding from theory to the exit speeds and everything in between and has helped design programs, write theory, and develop curriculum. Her love of English led her to a career teaching grammar, punctuation, spelling, word pairs, proofreading, and transcript production. Margie currently teaches English courses through Margie Holds Class, an online program she has designed and is managing, in addition to speaking at conventions and conferences and writing books.

Lynda Barker
Lynda Barker
SearchMaster Software

Lynda Batchelor Barker, RDR, FAPR, is a stenographic reporter who has operated her reporting office in Juneau, Alaska, for over 30 years and has previously served as chair of NCRA’s CAPR Committee (Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters) and of NCRA’s Distance Learning Committee and is currently Secretary/Treasurer for the Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association. Lynda is also the owner and operator of SearchMaster software, taking over for her late-husband Jim Barker, who passed away suddenly in 2015.

Hotel Information

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The meeting rooms will be on the 26th floor of the Indigo (North) Tower in Bally’s. This area is called the SkyView for good reason. Perched at the top of the tower it offers wonderful views through windows in the foyer, hallway and some of the meeting rooms. Let there be light! For those of you not familiar with the Paris/Bally’s complex, the two hotels are joined and the walk from Paris to Bally’s is about five minutes. The time it will take to walk from a hotel room at Paris to the SkyView meeting rooms is about ten minutes.

Hotel List Link IMPORTANT HOTEL BOOKING INFORMATION. PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING YOUR STAY!Clicking the link below will take you directly to the hotel reservation system. By default, it looks like Bally's is the only hotel listed as having rooms available - THIS IS NOT THE CASE, WE HAVE PLENTY OF ROOMS IN BOTH HOTELS FOR OUR ATTENDEES! Once you click the link below, do one of two things. Find the button on the right side of that page that looks like the picture shown to the right of this paragraph and CLICK "AS LIST". The next page that appears will allow you to choose the hotel you want to stay at. Or enter the dates and click the FIND button. You will be shown rates for both Paris and Bally's.