April 15-17th, 2016
Las Vegas, NV

Quick Agenda

2015 Conference ReceptionWe're back to Vegas for 2016, and we couldn't be more excited to see all our Eclipse friends and family, and hopefully meet some new folks out there too! We've had great experiences at the SkyView Meeting Space on the top floor of the Bally's hotel the past few years, so we're headed straight back with some fresh ideas to make this year as amazing as possible!

Founded in 1992, the ESP Users' Group has been putting on conferences to help Eclipse users learn about their software (and have fun while they're at it) for 24 years, providing instruction by the most interesting and experienced trainers in the industry. Though 2016 will be is our 24th annual conference, it will be our 25th year since inception, and our lineup is better than ever with concurrent steno and voice tracks, all dedicated to Eclipse training. Steno reporters who attend for all three days can earn 2 Full CEUs! Voice reporters attending on Saturday and Sunday can earn 1.3 CEs

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Eclipse Track Training

with Michael Starkman, Keith Vincent, & Jeremy Thorne
Friday, April 15th, 8am – 5pm, .6 CEUs  —  Steno

Track training is one of the hallmarks of the Eclipse Users’ Group. Starting back in 1992 we have offered Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training classes in order to give users a foundational knowledge at every level. These classes are taught by three of the most renowned speakers and instructors in the Eclipse universe, Michael Starkman, Keith Vincent, and Jeremy Thorne.

Jeremy Thorne
Advanced Training

Jeremy is the man who created Eclipse and you’d think a guy who writes code all day might be a little dull behind a podium. Not Jeremy. He’s interesting, witty and, as you’d expect, extremely knowledgeable. He’s also known for plowing through a lot of material in short order, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Keith Vincent
Intermediate Training

Keith Vincent, author of the Visualizer training videos found everywhere in Eclipse, is a long-time Eclipse user, trainer, and tester. He has worked closely with Jeremy for 20 years to help test and shape new features in Eclipse. He’s also an accomplished speaker who has given dozens of webinars and seminars around the world. Keith knows his subject and how to teach it.

Michael Starkman
Basic Training

Michael Starkman is a former freelance reporter from Pennsylvania and joined Eclipse in 1997. He is a certified advanced Eclipse software trainer with over fifteen years of experience presenting and teaching. Michael has a presentation style that is captivating and easy to follow. He has the ability to present complicated material in a clear, concise and entertaining.
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Hotel Information

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Hotel rooms are available at a special group rate at the prices shown below. We booked rooms at both the Paris and Bally’s Hotels this year, but our Paris block is already gone. We still have a limited number of rooms at Bally's at these special rates. Below is the reservations link for our room block. If you prefer to call to make your reservation, you may call the Reservation Center at (800) 358-8777 to secure a reservation from our group block. However, please be aware that a processing fee of $15 per reservation will be incurred you choose to call rather than use the web link. For either method, Internet or phone, use the group codes shown below.

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The meeting rooms will be on the 26th floor of the Indigo (North) Tower in Bally’s. This area is called the SkyView for good reason. Perched at the top of the tower it offers wonderful views through windows in the foyer, hallway and some of the meeting rooms. Let there be light! For those of you not familiar with the Paris/Bally’s complex, the two hotels are joined and the walk from Paris to Bally’s is about five minutes. The time it will take to walk from a hotel room at Paris to the SkyView meeting rooms is about ten minutes.

Hotel List Link IMPORTANT HOTEL BOOKING INFORMATION. PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING YOUR STAY!Clicking the link below will take you directly to the hotel reservation system. By default, it looks like Bally's is the only hotel listed as having rooms available - THIS IS NOT THE CASE, WE HAVE PLENTY OF ROOMS IN BOTH HOTELS FOR OUR ATTENDEES! Once you click the link below, do one of two things. Find the button on the right side of that page that looks like the picture shown to the right of this paragraph and CLICK "AS LIST". The next page that appears will allow you to choose the hotel you want to stay at. Or enter the dates and click the FIND button. You will be shown rates for both Paris and Bally's.

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Expanded Training Descriptions

Simple Syllables: Build Words As You Write Them

Anissa Nierenberger & Marybeth Everhart
Friday, April 15th, 8am – 9am, .1 CEU  —  Steno

The English language is big: lots and lots of words. Reporters know this because we’ve got gobs of ‘em in our dictionaries. But many of those words are built out of a relative handful of word parts and pieces. So why wouldn’t you put those in your dictionary and write them to build the words you’re hearing? Brilliant! That’s exactly what Anissa and Marybeth will show you how to do. It’s the first hour of the first day, so drink some coffee and bring your game face!

Build Your Dictionary Using DJ & RTC

Anissa Nierenberger & Marybeth Everhart
Saturday, April 16th, 8am – 9am, .1 CEU  —  Steno

Most people build their dictionaries just once, during school, and then add as they edit. No looking back, no looking forward, just an endless string of entries, one after the next. That’s one way. A better one is to analyze your needs, and then add the entries that meet them. In other words, have a plan. Anissa and Marybeth will show you how and share a tool or two—Dictionary Jumpstart and Realtime Coach—that will help make the job easier, too!

Vox Orientation: Who, What, Here & Now

with Tori Pittman
Saturday, April 16th, 8am – 9am, 1 CE  —  Voice

This is your first stop in a two‐day journey, during which Tori will explain what will be covered in the various seminars that extend through the weekend. Eclipse Vox users will have their own voice‐specific seminars, except when the content being presented is suited for all reporters. You’ll be asked about your familiarity with certain concepts and features in Eclipse Vox, and your experience using the software. She’ll also cover general information about the event, the facilities, and answer any questions you may have.

All About Eclipse Dictionaries

Steve Kosmata & Anissa Nierenberger
Friday, April 15th, 9:15am – 10:45am, .15 CEUs  —  Steno

Like the molten core of planet earth, without which there’d be no crust, the dictionary is the beating heart of Eclipse, without which you may as well just type it up from audio. To know it well is to save countless hours as your steno translates more accurately and your editing diminishes accordingly. Entering words is just part of it. You should be adding entries that build, auto‐capitalize, auto‐punctuate, resolve conflicts, convert numbers, put out the cat, and pay the rent. Well, maybe not the last two. Join Steve and Anissa and learn how to master your universe.

What Goes Where: The Dragon Vocab vs the Eclipse Dix

with Tori Pittman
Saturday, April 16th, 9:15am – 10:45am, 1.5 CEs  —  Voice

This is an incredibly important and foundational subject, yet most voice reporters misunderstand it. Only Eclipse Vox has Voisteno, which means that your Dragon text is processed a second time using the full powers of the “translator.” Unlike steno, which truly must be translated, your text is already in English word form, but still benefits enormously as Eclipse corrects misrecognitions, adds automated punctuation, formats numbers, and much more. This second processing uses dictionaries you’ve personally built, so you have a direct and powerful influence over the accuracy of your results. The Dragon vocabulary and the Eclipse dictionaries work together to create the final text that appears on your screen, and it’s important to understand the role each plays.

Eclipse Alphabet Soup

with Steve Kosmata
Saturday, April 16th, 11am – 12:30pm, .15 CEUs  —  Steno

Finger spelling. Ugh! Few users will tell you how much they love finger spelling, and fewer still will tell you they know all about the many features built into Eclipse that make the whole thing much, much easier. Finger spelling, as promulgated in steno theories, is a form of antediluvian torture conceived of and taught as if modern day programming doesn’t exist. Well, it does, so join the 21st century (and Kos) and learn how to make those fingers fly when you spell.

Corrections, Globals, & The Speechtext.dix

with Tori Pittman
Saturday, April 16th, 11am – 12:30pm, 1.5 CEs  —  Voice

Once you become comfortable with what belongs in Dragon or Eclipse, then you must learn the best practices for entering the data. What should you “correct” and send to Dragon, and what should you “global” and add to an Eclipse dictionary? Then there is the matter of how the “definition” should be entered if you’re using the syntax that activates additional functionality. Correctly defined, entries in the Eclipse dictionary can enter text and take action, like inserting punctuation automatically, controlling paragraph types, converting numbers, and much more. Perhaps most important of all: How do you deploy the speechtext dictionary? When it comes to improving recognition, no feature in Eclipse Vox is more powerful or, sadly, less utilized.

Happy Punctuating

with Margie Wakeman Wells
Saturday, April 16th, 1:45pm – 3:15pm, .15 CEUs, 1.5 CEs  —  Steno & Voice

Margie has made a career out of commas, semicolons, periods, dashes, and question marks, to name a few. Her teachings have helped god knows how many reporting professionals learn the fine points and not-so-fine points of punctuation. She does this with grace and humor, somehow managing to make it fun. Just as you want to know where to put that comma or that colon, it is equally important to know where not to. Join Margie for the fastest 90 minutes you’ll ever spend: a mad dash -- yes. Pun intended -- through the mine field of where NOT to put punctuation.

Translation Tuning and Predictability

with Jeremy Thorne & Michael Starkman
Saturday, April 16th, 3:30pm – 5pm, .15 CEUs  —  Steno

Many Eclipse translation tricks produce unexpected results. But does that mean that they're unpredictable? Some realtime experts say you should avoid artificial intelligence features. Does that mean you can't use smart suffixes? This seminar would break down the translation features of Eclipse and explore which ones use hard and fast rules that produce absolutely 100% predictable results, and how to achieve the results you want, compared with features that use fuzzy logic and probability to generate very accurate, but nevertheless inherently unpredictable guesses. Know the difference, know the statistics, and never be surprised again.

The Best Eclipse Dixes You've Never Used

with Tori Pittman
Saturday, April 16th, 3:30pm – 5pm, 1.5 CEs  —  Voice

In addition to understanding how to correctly make dictionary entries, it’s also important to understand that you can deploy multiple dictionaries. You should always have a main dictionary, one that holds entries you use routinely, but you should learn what goes in a job dictionary, make use of subject dictionaries for specialized kinds of testimony (such as construction, medical, and technical terms). Then there is On‐The‐Fly dictionary, a wonderful tool for realtime reporting. Lastly, you may simply wish to manage and organize your entries into certain categories (time‐related, markers, websites and email addresses, etc.) so you can access them easily to add or revise.

Online Testing, National & State

with Marybeth Everhart
Sunday, April 17th, 9am – 10am, .1 CEU  —  Steno

Turn your head and the world changes. Just yesterday you had to drag a typewriter to a testing center and . . . well, you know the rest. NCRA has just moved to online testing and the first test takers have given the process rave reviews. States are getting into the game, too. Soon most reporters will take their national and state certifications online. Learn all about it from Marybeth. And pay attention, too, because she’ll catch you if you try to edit any transcript in the back rows.

Vox Steno Swap

with Tori Pittman
Sunday, April 17th, 9am – 10am, 1 CE  —  Voice

Why should steno reporters be the only ones swapping briefs? Eclipse Vox is the only voice CAT software that has Voisteno, which means that your dictation output from Dragon is treated just like the steno output from a machine. Which means you can create briefs, add them to your dictionaries, and accomplish all kinds of wondrous things. But wait! What are these briefs, you say? Join us and let Tori be your guide!

Shared Editing: Realtime Or Any Old Time

with Jeremy Thorne, Keith Vincent & Tori Pittman
Sunday, April 17th, 10:15am – 11:45am, .15 CEUs, 1.5 CEs  —  Steno & Voice

Most users, if they’re acquainted with it all, believe shared, or team, editing is strictly a realtime operation. It can be used for realtime, for which it’s a godsend of epic proportions, but it also has an important mission beyond realtime. How, you say? Think about those expedited transcripts you’d like some help with. Jeremy, Keith, and Tori will explain and you’ll be glad you listened.

Bridge Mobile: Little Big App

with Keith Vincent
Sunday, April 17th, 12:15pm – 1:45pm, .15 CEUs  —  Steno

Bridge Mobile is a simple app, but a big topic. Compared to the full‐featured CAT software reporters use every day, Bridge Mobile is duck soup. But deploying it requires some forethought and, possibly, some added equipment, too. So while it’s not hard, there are things to know, and Keith will tell you about them.

Realtime VoiceWriting Macros & Tips

with Tori Pittman
Sunday, April 17th, 12:15pm – 1:45pm, 1.5 CEs  —  Voice

Beyond the Eclipse dictionaries lies the goodness of macros, a way to lighten your load and teach the program to do all kinds of things in one step. Many are already created for you and ready to use, such as playback controls for the room audio, quoting paragraphs, or inserting words and phrases like “all right,” “you know,” and “Uh‐huh.” But Tori will show you how easy it is to build a macro so you can make them on your own. But macros aren’t the only thing that can streamline things. Tori is going to share tips for better voice writing and faster editing. Booyah!

Get Organized with the Eclipse File Manager

with Michael Starkman
Sunday, April 17th, 2pm – 3pm, .1 CEU, 1 CE  —  Steno & Voice

The File Manager is one of the most under‐used features in Eclipse. Most reporters would love to learn how to store, secure, and access their files easily. You’ll learn how to designate unique locations (folders) for your various Eclipse files, notes, jobs files, block files, pick list files, autoincludes, audiosynch files, dictionaries, ASCIIs, and more. As important, he'll show you how to designate locations located on your computer and on external devices like flash drives, USB hard drives, NAS drives, or cloud locations. Get organized. You'll sleep better!